The 2020-21 squad, theoretically ready to attack on December 07

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The characteristic of the seasonal being to like to move, to travel, the team changes over the years... This season, new faces await you, but it is possible that you will meet Alex or Julien again.

So here is the 2020-21 team, ready to attack on December 07 theoretically, if we have permission to open for Christmas...

Florent (Metz) 28 years old


After living in Lyon for my first 25 years, I left my hometown in search of meaning. Several years of traveling abroad have passed. Lovers of nature, adrenaline and sport, it is quite naturally that I turned to the mountains to blossom more.
Character traits: kindness, good humor and sincere human contact.

Jerome (Laubin) 23 years old Native of Pau

Skiman & Seller

After the validation of my skiman diploma, I was able to experience 2 years of seasons in the Alps. Then, I redirected myself in the world of fashion and sportswear by working for 2 years at Quiksilver. Skateboarder and snowboarder, the world of sliding has fascinated me since I was very young. Always in search of adrenaline and thrills. Character traits: athletic, helpful and jovial.

Pierre (Helmbold) 27 years old

Skiman & Salesperson

I am quite nomadic and have worked in different sectors.
But I always respond to the call of winter, the mountains and skiing.
Character traits: adventurous, optimistic and a lot of good humor.

Carole (Barril) 49 years old Pyrenean

Store owner since 2009

Having practiced the mountains since my youngest age, this passion led me into this new profession at 38 years old.
Despite the song of the signs, I decided to remain independent, far from the companies of the great distribution of the sport. The battle is fierce against these large groups, but we will remain independent!

To you, new customers: thank you for coming to discover us.
To you, loyal customers: thank you for your unwavering support!
Passionate about skiing but especially off-piste, don't look for me at the store in bad weather.
Skier, telemarker, cross-country skier.
Character traits: sincere, impatient.

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