In the world of ski rental, choosing the right ski range is essential to ensure a pleasant and safe experience on the slopes.

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Ski Rental
Choosing the Right Range

1- Ski Rental for Adults (+18 years)
2- Ski Rental for Children (-18 years)

In the world of ski rental, choosing the right ski range is essential to ensure a pleasant and safe experience on the slopes.

At Ski Top in Les Menuires, as ski rental professionals, we offer different ranges of skis.

Thus, every skier, from beginner to very experienced, will find the ski suited to their needs.

This article aims to guide you in choosing the ideal ski range, based on your level and preferences.

1- Ski Rental for ADULTS (+18 years)

The key element to choosing the right category is to know your skiing level.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers have different needs in terms of stability, maneuverability, and responsiveness.

Identify yourself among these categories to guide your choice

👉Beginner Skier |

Blue Range

: you are discovering the joys of skiing for the first time
You choose to rent skis from the blue range because you are looking for skis that offer maximum stability and ease of control.

Perhaps by the end of your stay, you'll manage to ski down blue slopes 😁

👉Intermediate Skier |

Red Range

: you have gained some confidence on blue and red slopes.

The skis offered in this range are stiffer for better grip, which will give you more sensations in your pronounced turns

These skis are also more stable at moderate speeds, for safer driving.

👉Advanced Skier: you ski down all slopes, regardless of snow conditions.

You tend to ski at higher speeds and venture into more technical areas.

You are looking for a more dynamic and sporty experience.

In the black range, you will have skis:

  • responsive to your movements quickly

  • with exceptional stability at high speeds

  • recent (from the current or previous year)

👉Expert Skier |

Premium Range

: you have probably competed or attended courses to improve your technique.

Your technical level is excellent, regardless of the snow condition.

You like skis that require physical commitment and provide intense sensations.
We love making our customers happy 😊

Like Mathieu F.: "With these skis, the feeling is... indecent!"

In this range, you can choose "Piste" skis or "Freeride" skis (more than 100mm at the waist). And if you want to change skis during the week, opt for the multiglide.

Freeride | Freestyle?

Still not easy to choose?

Still having trouble choosing your ski rental?
We'll try to help you, by giving you examples.

If you're unsure, base your choice on the color of the slopes you prefer to ski down.

Example 1: you're an intermediate skier and ski down red and black slopes. Well, the blacks are to please your kids. But it's on the reds that you really enjoy yourself.

Solution: rent skis from the Red Range.
This year, you want to ski "cool", calmly. No need to take black skis which will be more demanding.

Example 2: you started skiing a few years ago, and you love to progress each new ski holiday
Last season, you skied your first red on the last day of the holidays.
It was great!

Solution: rent skis from the Red Range.
Skiing is like biking, you don't forget it. So, you'll be able to continue learning to ski by skiing down red slopes.


Still hesitating?

Contact us: we will help you define your ski range.

2- Ski Rental for CHILDREN (-18 years)

For your children, it will be simpler... but you need to know their sizes.

Your child is:
- under 1m20: you will choose the Child ski range
- between 1m25 and 1m50: you will select the Junior range
- otherwise, go for the Teen range

For Junior and Teen ranges, you have the choice between Leisure and Sport:
  • Leisure: your child is a beginner to intermediate. He skis down green, blue, and sometimes red slopes, calmly
  • Sport: he manages well on skis, likes speed, and progresses quickly.
    The Teen Sport skis correspond to the adult Red Range (with a teen price).

Focus Freeride | Freeride for your teens


For youngsters between 1m30 and 1m70, we offer the Bent Chetler Junior and its 90mm at the waist.

Needless to say, with these skis on, he's going to have a BLAST!

A little reminder: off-piste skiing requires a bit of experience. We advise taking a ski instructor for his first steps in the powder.


Another practice, different skis: Punx or QST Park to go to the park in Les Menuires, Val Thorens, or Meribel.

Or simply to have fun on the slope and jump all the bumps that come along.

If you have enrolled your child in a "traditional" ski course, do not take this range.
Indeed, the skis are twin-tipped and throw snow behind: so, for the buddy following him in class, it's not going to be nice! ... instructors do not like it, and we understand them.

I hope our ski rental ranges are no longer a secret to you.
And I hope we will have the pleasure of discussing your experience during your visit to Ski Top Les Menuires.


Still hesitating?

Contact us: we will help you define your ski range.

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