The new team for the 2018-2019 season

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The characteristic of the seasonal being to like to move, to travel, the team changes over the years... but this year, you will recognize a majority of known "heads".
Jérome decided to return to the ranks of the school, to learn a new trade. But Julien, Alexandre are back for this new season in Les Menuires.

Here is the 2018-19 team, ready to attack on November 26 for the setting up of the store. Les Menuires opens on December 8, and so do we!

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24 years old
Seine & Marne
Skiman seller

Julien has a long experience in a high-end Parisian ready-to-wear store. But the song of the mountains makes him leave our beautiful capital to join us. If you came this summer, you've definitely seen it.
Character traits: authentic, talkative and keen on skiing


25 years old
Bouche du Rhone (13)
Skiman salesman

Alexandre is a CNPC graduate , as Skiman. Passionate about skiing and after many experiences in animation, he wanted to get closer to the mountains. Done last winter.
Despite its large size, it will be able to bend over backwards to satisfy you.
Skier, Freerider.
Character traits: very sociable, daredevil, awaits snow all year round!


27 years old
Hérault (34)
Skiman salesman

A jack of all trades, Axel has experienced different professional backgrounds, but the mountains regularly call him back to bring him back to this warm and touristic atmosphere whom he loves, both for work and for the world of board sports.
Snowboarder, Backcountry enthusiast.
Character trait: very curious, dynamic and smiling.


47 years old
Owner of the store since 2009

Carrier of the Mountain virus since the age of 3, he trained in this new profession at 38 years old.

Despite the song of the signs, I decided to remain independent, far from the companies of the large sports distribution.
The battle is fierce against these big groups, but we will remain independent! To you, new customers: thank you for coming to discover us. To you, loyal customers: thank you for your unwavering support!
Passionate about skiing but above all about off-piste, don't look for me at the store in powder weather...
Skier, Telemarker, Skier touring.
Character traits: sincere, impatient.

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