Ski Top helps you choose your children's skis

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Welcome to our ski rental shop, in Les Menuires, and at the foot of the slopes, on La Croisette.
We will help you choose the range of skis to rent for your child.

The goal is for him to have a pair corresponding to his level of skiing, so that he can continue to progress!

The ranges of equipment are classified by size of skis:
- children's skis: skis from 70cm to 1m04
- junior skis: skis from 1m05 to 1m45
- teen skis: skis of 1m46 and more. Child must be 17 or younger.

Now, take a tape measure and measure your child, under the chin, nose or forehead, according to the rule below:
- beginner: the spatula must reach under the chin. For toddlers, we can take even smaller.
- average skier: it must arrive under the nose
- good skier: it must reach the level of the forehead

A few examples: you have measured...
- 1m42: then choose junior skis
- 1m02: choose children's skis
- 1m48: he will need teen skis

From the Junior range you can choose between 2 ranges of skis (Leisure or Sport), depending on the level of your child. The skis of the higher range will be more rigid, and therefore better suited to a child who already has good control (3rd star and beyond).

For teenagers, we will give them adult skis, with a lower price to favor the family budget.
If your teenager skis quietly, take him Ado Loisir. If he skis sportily, if he descends red / black slopes, opt for Ado Sport.

If you have any questions, you can also reach us at the store (04 79 00 61 89). If we don't answer, it's because we're all taken by a client. Do not hesitate to repeat your call, or send us an email: we we will respond as soon as possible!

We now give you an appointment at the Ski Top store to pick up your equipment.

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