So Fond, Fond, Fond... Try cross-country skiing!

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You've seen Martin Fourcade on TV, you want to find places wilder than the ski slopes, or the weather conditions are not good... come and try cross-country skiing!

At Ski Top (La Croisette, Les Menuires) we offer a range of classic cross-country skis and a range of skating skis. If skating requires a minimum of technique, alternative (or classic) cross-country skiing is within everyone's reach.

Alternative (or classic) cross-country skiing

A small tour of the material is essential. In classic cross-country skiing, the skis have small scales that prevent you from rolling backwards. Thus, we can pass the small climbs without problems. Skis have no edges, so turning a corner requires a certain technique. But don't worry, on the marked tracks, you won't really have to make a turn.
The shoe is low and flexible to allow a good rolling of the foot. It is attached to the ski on the front of the foot so that the heel is free.

Classic cross-country skiing is practiced on cross-country trails equipped with "rails" that guide the cross-country skier. But it can also be practiced on unmarked paths.


If you are a seasoned cross-country skier or simply an athlete curious to learn, you can try skating.

The skis are shorter than classic cross-country skis. Unlike the alternative, the sole is smooth. So obligation to always be in thrust (legs and arms) so as not to retreat!
The binding is noticeably different, giving better lateral stiffness allowing the skier to skate or not skate. The shoes are also higher and more rigid to ensure a better hold of the foot.
We will equip you with Atomic equipment (skis, boots). We have 2 pairs of skating.

The sticks in skating are (even) longer than in alternative. This allows for a bigger and more powerful thrust.

Skating is practiced on smooth tracks (without rail), groomed.

The cross-country ski trails near La Croisette

Beginner or confirmed, you can have fun on the different routes near the Croisette.

Alone or supervised by an instructor (ESF for example), you can go down to St Martin by following the Doron river. The loop represents 16km. For the less trained, the free shuttle from the Belleville valley can take you up to Ménuires (timetables are available at the tourist office of Les Menuires).

Try the biathlon!

And finally, you can also try your hand at biathlon (cross-country skiing and rifle shooting), a sport brought to France by Martin Fourcade, Olympic champion and multiple world champion. But Les Menuires also has its champion: Vincent Jay, Olympic champion in 2010 in Vancouver.
You therefore have the possibility of taking a lesson with an ESF instructor, who will teach you how to shoot with a laser rifle.
Several times in the season, biathlon initiations are offered in Saint Martin de Belleville.

Tips from Ski Top

For the outfit, we advise you to wear tights such as cycling tights, close to the body and warm, they will not interfere with your movements.
Otherwise, your ski pants will do.
For the top we will respect the principle of 3 layers:
- 1st layer in merino or synthetic to stay dry
- 2nd layer if needed to provide warmth, while wicking away perspiration
- and finally, if necessary, the 3rd layer (softshell jacket or light goretex type) which will protect you from the wind

Always remember to leave with a bottle of water, because logically you will sweat! At an altitude of 1800m, you must drink at least 1.5L / day (without any particular physical activity).
Without forgetting the essentials which are sunglasses and sunscreen.

Cross-country ski equipment for hire in Les Menuires

At Ski Top, you will find Rossignol skis and Salomon boots. We can equip up to 9 people. If you are a group, it is better to reserve the equipment in advance.

You are ready to discover cross-country skiing in Les Menuires!

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