The solution against the loss and theft of your skis.

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Carole Barril
Who has never lost his ski once does not know this stress...but don't laugh, it could very well happen to you!
And unfortunately, theft is also present in the mountains: it is near the terraces of restaurants / bars that they take place, most of the time.

But the ideal tool arrives to overcome these events: Ze Tracker!
A transmitter chip, which is stuck on the ski, and a downloadable application on your phone as a receiver.
So let's imagine that you are going off-piste with your favorite pair of skis.
In full action, badaboum, a ski off and it's the fall. You get up but no longer see your ski...
First case: you are not equipped with Ze Tracker. The rule to be respected by potential skiers following you is not to "trail" your tracks, to be able to come back in and understand where the ski may have gone. Then, take out your phone and mark your GPS position: you might need it if you return to the scene, when the snow melts for example.
Then will follow long minutes, sometimes hours, to try to find this ski... and unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to find. In addition to the pain of this loss, you also have to return on 1 ski, which is not given to everyone.
It is for this reason that some adjust the bindings, at the risk of losing...a knee!
Second case: you are equipped with Ze Tracker. So you take out your phone, go to the dedicated application and start your search. The search perimeter is 30m: if your ski has passed under the snow, it will not have traveled this distance. The application will tell you the distance separating you from your ski. It is a simplified DVA.

The other utility of Ze Tracker is to alert you if someone touches your pair of skis, placed on a rack, near your place of break.
In this mode, the alert can be given on a perimeter of 200m (but be careful, you will have to run quickly if you are so far from your skis!). The movement of your skis will cause an alert on your phone.
Of course, if the thieves want to tear off the chips, they will have to move them and the alert will also be given. The system (stuck on your skis) is visible and you also have to rely on the dissuasive side to keep thieves away.

The system goes into energy saving mode when the skis and the application are not running. The autonomy of the system is 200 hours: therefore, if you ski for 7 hours, you have 28 days of use.

In short, it's a great invention! That you will find from December 2016 in your Ski Top store.

Link to official website: http://www.zsafetech.com

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