This year we will bring in the Zag brand (winter 2016-17).

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Carole Barril
It is a French brand, and made in France. This is also one of the reasons for our selection: we are independent (and proud of it!) and choose our brands.
The brand is relatively recent since created in 2002. They have been based in Chamonix for 4 years.

They are known in the fields of freeride and ski touring. And you know it (or you will know it now ☺), freeride and hiking are our "hobby".

So yes, I can see some of you frowning because we do not rent touring skis. A little aside to explain this anomaly, because the reason is simple: 2 very close stores rent this equipment, and for the moment, 2 stores are enough (and as we get on well with them, we don't want to steal from them the market). But don't hesitate to tell us about it, we love it! During the day, sometimes very early, at night under the moon, for a few hours or a few days... and sometimes with our customers, experienced or not!

But let's come back to Zag and our 2nd passion, this one that is widely present in the store: freeride. We were the first to rent offshore. Our competitors have come to it gradually, but remain on "general public" type Soul7 skis from Rossignol. I think we are the only ones in the resort to rent such wide skis, very oriented off-piste (up to 120mm at the waist).

Zag has simplified its range this season and offers 4 categories of products: hiking (the Adret), freerando (Ubac and Bakan), freeride powder which corresponds to big mountain (S for Slap) and freeride patrol or freeride all-mountain ( H).

Given our freeride orientation, we have entered the following models for rental:

Zag H95

Zag H105

Zag S104

Zag S112

The H, the S, you know what it is. The number is the waist width, THE characteristic that defines the program of the ski.

We will also have a Bakan, mounted in Plum (so ski touring use). You're going to tell me that you don't understand anything anymore... in fact, I'm taking it to discover the Japanese slopes. But the rest of the time it will be available at the store and can be tried on (you will need shoes with inserts... or rent them from our friends next door).

A bit of technology...
The H range offers versatile skis, with a classic camber, rocker at the front for good planing, and very short at the back (almost flat heel).
The flat heel provides power and precision, on all terrains.
Unlike the S who are players, the H are "serious".

In the S, we find more rocker and more flexibility. The skis are clearly directed towards the virgin slopes, for play and to take full advantage of the powder!
It is for this reason that we have chosen wider runners in the S range than in the H range.

And let's never forget: one of the great characteristics of Zag is to manufacture light skis. The best thing is to test to get your opinion!

We are going to organize a test day during the winter, with all the skis in the range. Follow us on facebook to be informed (Ski Top Les Menuires), or send us an email so that we keep you informed.

Last point: all models can be ordered. The delivery time is 48 hours. And if you want to have them ready when you arrive, contact us and we will organize the delivery and assembly to start your Zag vacation on foot!

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