Fancy a night walk in the moonlight?

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Carole Barril
If day skiing remains a normal activity for the initiated, night skiing is less known.

However, once a month, if lady moon is not hidden behind the clouds, this activity does not lack magic.
The last full moon was Sunday January 24. We took the opportunity to take out our touring skis, under the soft light of this star.

The principle is simple: a few days before the full moon, we observe its appearance (time and place in the sky). Depending on these parameters, the weather forecast for the following days, we organize the outing.

The ideal is to leave before it is out, to have the pleasure of seeing it appear and illuminate the mountains. The start will therefore be at the front. But once the moon has passed over the ridges, we can turn off our lights and benefit from his.

We evolve without problem without artificial light if the moon is full and not veiled by the clouds. Even on the descent, which requires more visual acuity, we will descend in the light of the moon alone.

This is how we did 2 hikes for the last moon. One with 3 of our customers, who had never done ski touring: 800m of vertical drop and a 1am return to the store. The 2nd 2 days ago, between us: 300m drop under the moon, then a night in a refuge, and 800m more the next day to savor the beauty of the site.

Notice to amateurs, the next full moons are February 22, March 23 and April 22!

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