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Carole Barril
Before, there was the film camera, no need to think about consulting your shots in the evening after a great session, you had to wait several days, usually after returning from vacation, to marvel at a possible successful shot!

Then came digital photography with all the advantages it provides to such an extent that we have all forgotten film except for a few elitists...

Let's move on to video, initially reserved for professionals with regard to bulky equipment to carry, difficult to have fun with 1000€ worth of equipment in a bag with a camera that fears water and shocks! Even if portable devices were quickly democratized, it was then the quality that was not always there.

All that to say that today, consumer video has become accessible and offers an unprecedented level of quality. Quickly viewing and keeping the best moments of your ski holiday has become child's play. This is precisely where the GoPro excels: lightweight, reasonably priced, amazing video quality, waterproof, shockproof, and hangs anywhere!

From now on, let your imagination run wild and capture whatever seems relevant to you, or not... No limits, except battery and storage capacity.

Once the acrobatics are done, almost all current devices will allow the transfer of files. Once the "Logging" is done (selection of the sequences you will use), we recommend using the editing software offered on the Go Pro site, or iMovie on Mac and Movie Maker on PC, to quickly transform your videos into short film, like a pro!!!

That said, you may not want to pay the €380 needed to buy the little gem for one or two weeks of use during the year... That's why we offer you cameras for rent for a day or more.

The rental includes a headband that allows it to be hung on the head or on a helmet, a memory card and a battery (or 2 during the day).

We offer you two options:

  • On the Internet in the "Accessories" section, accessible in the third step of your reservation.

  • Directly in store on request.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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