The best of technology to protect yourself in the event of an avalanche

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Carole Barril
The "Avalanche Airbag System" ABS bag is the best system to reduce the risk if you are caught in an avalanche.

The operation is quite simple in theory. In an avalanche, the large light elements remain on the surface. The system is therefore based on a transformation of your thin and compact body into a voluminous and light body.

When you feel caught in the avalanche, you immediately trigger the Airbag by pulling on the handle, the result: two large orange balloons inflated with oxygen deploy and allow you to stay on the surface and be easily located. It therefore becomes much easier to get out of the avalanche to help you, the speed of the intervention being a key factor.

Note that the standard equipment "Arva / shovel / probe" remains essential, for you and to be able to rescue your friends.

Of course, this does not protect you 100% from the dangers of the avalanche and absolutely does not exempt you from preventing an accident through a good knowledge of the environment and good information on the conditions at the time.

Experience also means keeping a small margin of safety in a little corner of your head.

Our Ski Top store offers this equipment for hire:

  • On the internet in the "Accessories" section, accessible in the third step of your reservation.

  • Directly in store on request.

The pack contains:

  • a bag that contains the Airbag and a storage space to store minium for your freeride outing.

  • a bottle (which contains the oxygen needed for inflation) and its release handle.

All our Airbag bags are regularly checked to ensure trouble-free release when the time comes.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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