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Carole Barril
You will appreciate this winter being able to communicate thanks to the Midland BT Ski system. Sometimes it's simply when the area where you are moving is not accessible by mobile phone.

Communication needs on skis are varied:

  • Meeting on the slopes with friends where it is not uncommon to get lost, especially during busy periods.

  • Prevent a change of track at the last moment for example.

  • Off-piste: tell a friend that the powder field is great or that it is better to avoid a crusty snow area...

No more need for incomprehensible semaphore type gestures. Also, don't try to wake the groundhogs early with inaudible cries.

The man who froze his hands while taking off his mittens, then struggled to get his phone out of his pocket and vainly tried to see clearly on the screen of his smartphone and who ultimately managed the feat of picking up the phone before the end of the ringtone will enjoy communicating without stopping or letting go of the sticks.

This intercom system is ideal for skiers who want to communicate or simply enjoy music while practicing their favorite sport:

  • Talk in intercom mode with another Bluetooth device up to a maximum distance of 200m.

  • You can also answer your mobile phone using voice command.

  • In addition, Midland BT Action is equipped with a socket that allows it to be connected to an iPod/MP3 player.

More info on the Midland website: http://en.midlandeurope.com/midland_bt_ski/product_fr_205782. aspx

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