Rental of heated ski boots

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Carole Barril
We will only be 4 in France this year to offer you this offer!

The rental shoe with heated liner.

The principle is simple: a ski boot equipped with a battery capable of diffusing heat all day long. The slipper incorporates the battery. The heat is diffused on the upper part of the foot. The system allows you to choose 3 heating levels, to adapt to current conditions. The use is very simple.

  • You often ski and suffer from cold feet: test our solution to be convinced of the comfort provided by this product. Slippers can be purchased and installed in your shoes.

  • You ski occasionally, but the cold spoils your days of skiing: opt to rent boots when the weather requires it.

We remain at your service to answer all your questions and present this 2014-2015 innovation to you.

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